Earn Real Estate Sales Through Targeted Business Card Designs

As an agent making yourself stand out from them crowd is critically important. Your competition is fierce, massive, and as cut throat as it gets. An important tool in your arsenal is your marketing collateral you use to create the impression of professionalism for your client. The first arrow in that quiver is your business card and its design.

Selecting A Business Card – Generic Template or Sizzling Branding Tool
If I had a dime for every free business card offer I get in my email or on Twitter I would be rich man. Lets be realistic. Free business cards are a generic boilerplate solution and do not make you stand out from your competition. You need to stand out in any competitive environment to make sales. Invest your resources in a custom design printed by a printing company. It will make a difference in your commission check.

It may sound pricey, but it does not have to be if your printer does lots of real estate printing. Your presentation is targeted to the wants and needs of your prospects. Making your business cards do the same thing is the natural next step. A Quality design here, the first place the customer sees you, seals the deal on future business and referrals.

Choosing the Right Business Printer
If you are like others who search online for information and to buy products, you probably use one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Searching for “real estate business cards” or “realtor business cards” gets you an endless plethora of companies offering free or near free printing. Sounds good? Think again. These offers are not for the products that will stand out in the minds of affluent customers. They are inevitably for the cheap ‘starter’ business cards used in retail stores by stereo sales people.

Customers looking to invest in a home are going to look at your marketing material over and over and compare it against other agents materials. Real estate is a big purchase and it may be the single biggest investment of their lives. This is the one place where you have to stand out with a sharp product design targeted at your customer.

Starter marketing material is often on flimsy paper and the treatments on the cards leave much to be desired. Graphics are rarely stunning. The cards are not sturdy. Investing in a better card on higher quality, thicker papers lends professional to your presentation.

The card design you use is important. Find a printer with experienced graphic designers for the real estate industry. Using a designer to make printed marketing material is no different than using a real estate agent to list properties. You are leveraging their experience in the market to help you find the right product for you.

Focus your client’s attention on your personal service and the value you offer them. You will not find this in a website template. It only comes with custom design. Take the opportunity to stand out.

The printer and designer are there to help you with the layout. They have done many of them. Ask their advice. Be prepared to hear it and take the parts you agree with. If they keep saying something, the same something, its important. You can ask them to prepare you several graphic samples to choose one. Its not a problem. Printers do it all the time.

You can also goto a website, select a generic design that you like, provide the basic information for the card and have something sent to you often the same day. You should expect a basic card. It won’t add sizzle to your presentation. Companies spend tremendous amounts of money on advertising for a reason. Designs matter.

Branded designs have a major impact on client buying opportunities. Smart, targeted, designs add credibility to your offerings. It will add tremendous value to your presentations and lock in repeat and referral business. Generic offerings will not add value even if you save $20 doing it. What is $20 or $100 compared to the commission you will get on just one sale, never mind the several dozen you can sell out of a box of business cards?

Brand yourself the right way with your business card design. Start with the goal, clients buying services for you because of the value you offer. Design from the ground up around that. It will lead you to a long profitable business relationship.